IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans ... springboards College and Career Readiness initiatives in middle and early high school for students to discover the impact of their own actions.

This easy-to-integrate program provides the chance to catalyze students’ personal initiatives to fulfill their academic objectives and personal goals. They learn about what they need to know and do to have more options later on, after high school graduation.


About the curriculum:

Lessons with channeled, peer-led discussions and interactive, collaborative explorations are flexible and provide a way to extend support academic standards objectives into core, elective, and dedicated college readiness class times. Extension activities correlate with Language Arts, Social Studies, and Technology standards for multipurpose lessons.

The IDEAS College and Career Readiness Plans Student Journal is the individualized piece that goes and grows with them as a reference for the remainder of their high school journey with additional post-secondary transition knowledge.

Curriculum Components:

Curriculum Components:
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A Student Book

Each participant receives their own book as a reference and progress journal to last through high school graduation.


Comprehensive Facilitator Guide

Easy-to-use resource provides the necessary overview with lessons, extensions, and English Language Supports.


Each unit has ready-to-use PPT presentations, our "IDEAS ePOSTERS"(with notes) to enable Facilitators to easily to support each session with a visual aid for discussion prompts. Can also be printed and edited for classroom use.


  • Practice social-emotional learning strategies through the College and Career Lens
  • Recognize their strengths and challenges, goals, and the resources available to them
  • Document their achievements in their personal student book/journal
  • Proceed on their College and Career Readiness Continuum to achieve their goals​

Students who employ the strategies and steps taught in the IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans program, will have a sure path to graduation and postsecondary career and college options.

The College & Career Readiness Continuum*


*The College and Career Readiness Continuum (CCRC) used in this program provides the stages of progress in a student's personal action plan towards high school graduation and post secondary academic goals.


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