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Vista School Resources, Inc. is the publisher of IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans--a program that engages and prepares students for high school expectations and post graduation options using a unique student-centered approach.

Educators shared the need to support students who were not yet vested in their academic outcomes and/or didn't have the schema to initiate actions that would help them in that process. These included middle and early high school student especially.

By engaging students interactively and through peer-learning, they experientially acquire the knowledge of their options, opportunities, and how to plan for personal and academic success in their future.

The design of the sessions inherently includes social and emotional practice and sets the stage for the professional skills future employers seek.

The program assures that students have access to resources and experiences that help them succeed.

The request for more support for parents resulted in the Student and Family Resource that complements and reinforces the student program experienced in class.

Based in Miami, Florida
Based in Miami, Florida

We believe strongly in enlisting students to plan to be independent and productive in their futures. This program is dedicated to supporting the partnership between parents, mentors, and educators while vesting students with the confidence that preparation brings with it.

Sylvia Fumero, M. Ed.