About us...

Vista School Resources is the publisher of IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans--a supplementary resource program that engages and prepares students for postsecondary education and beyond.

The program was initiated because of a need presented by educators to provide a tangible college and career resource for students, that would also become a personal reference and journal of their growth. The commitment to empowering young adults with knowledge of their options, opportunities, and how to plan for success in their future, became a focal point in the evolution of the curriculum.

Based in Miami, Florida
Based in Miami, Florida

With nearly 20 years involved in education and publishing, the range of experiences from teaching to providing curriculum resources to writing curriculum--were embedded in this project. The program has been propelled and detailed with the writers' sense of advocacy to assure that students have access to resources and experiences that help them succeed. 


We believe strongly in enlisting students to plan to be independent and productive in their futures. This program is dedicated to supporting the partnership between parents, mentors, and educators while vesting students with the confidence that preparation brings with it.

Sylvia Fumero, M. Ed.