About Us

Vista School Resources, Inc. is the publisher of the IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans program.

We are a team of educators, curriculum designers, teachers, and consultant representatives who are also parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and friends of students (or their parents) at the secondary level.

We all want our students to be successful and independent and productive in their lives, but we know there is a disparity in our student populations when it comes to understanding how to make a future path.  Equitable opportunities and knowledge about what is available is not a reality, yet.

Our mission is to make sure that all students are  provided the same empowering knowledge base early on, when they can affect change in their trajectories.  

We know from research, that when students really know what's  within reach, and they are motivated, and feel that they truly have a hand in their own future, they do better in school. Tapping into the resource that is our students, is key.

Our passion to support all students with their academic and career options after high school completion, resonates with everyone we meet, and propels us to continue adding to the IDEAS program.  Parents want to know how to support their students and studies  show that parental expectations about post-secondary education matters more than most factors of college attendance. Our new IDEAS Student and Family Resources (aka Parent Guide) is an example of how customer input has molded our publishing plan, and continues to do so with exciting things to come.

The IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans program opens the way for all students to prepare for college (all higher ed) success.

Vista School Resources, Inc.
Vista School Resources, Inc.

We believe strongly in enlisting students to plan to be independent and productive in their futures. This program is dedicated to supporting the partnership between parents, mentors, and educators while vesting students with the confidence that preparation brings with it.



Sylvia Fumero, M. Ed. 
Founder and President of Vista School Resources, Inc

Publisher of IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans

Vista School Resources, Inc.