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Lessons with peer-led discussions and interactive, collaborative explorations are flexible and support academic standards.

The IDEAS curriculum consists of 20 topic areas and 90+ activities that can be implemented as a single semester, year-long, or multi-year program. The facilitator-guided lessons provide support in leveraging interactive activities and building capacity at the student level through peer learning. Flexibly offering varying levels of topic depth, IDEAS’ lessons cover the initiation of high school (transition from middle) to graduation, and beyond.

These lessons include the key learning skills and techniques and transition knowledge and skills necessary for students to gain behaviors and know-how to build their aspirations and pathways.

Students engage in current issue explorations to advance their understanding of their options and processes to reach goals. By engaging in pre-professional skills with peers and real-world connections, they get to polish their digital resource savvy and prepare themselves for work-based learning and future career opportunities.

In addition to the IDEAS' Student Edition and Facilitator Packet with the lessons, links, interactive scaffolds and reproducible or digitally shareable pages, there are additional resources included and available as needed. Editable presentations and prep videos ease integration for facilitators. There is a post-secondary financial awareness packet included for students to share with their families. The Student and Family Resource provides the family engagement support often sought as a vital component of student success as an add-on piece.

IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans provides the space and place for students to grow in knowledge of themselves and their world, and to create their individualized paths after graduation.

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IDEAS Student Journal

The IDEAS for College & Career Readiness Plans Student Edition/ Journal is the individualized piece that goes and grows with them as a reference for the remainder of their high school journey.  

Ease apprehension: Students learn how to navigate secondary school experiences and what post-graduation options they have.

Value students perspectives: Engage them to be a part of their process interactively, and motivate them to drive their academic and personal planning.</p students have. >

Fortify understanding of key learning concepts and behaviors: Peer-learning techniques strengthen comprehension of concepts necessary for their academic path and also build classroom culture.

Available in English and Spanish.

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IDEAS Facilitator Guide

Makes it easy for program facilitators/teachers/counselors: IDEAS meets students where they are at and respects the savvy of today’s teens who respond to relevant conversations and assignments that embed SEL. Lessons extend from the discussions and explorations of the Student Journal content and include additional activities. Content can be shared in class or electronically for distance learning.

Strengthen social-emotional development and classroom culture: Easily incorporated reflections, interactive discussions, and collaborative extensions are embedded throughout lessons.

Offers flexible lesson suggestions for middle and high school levels at point of delivery.

Supports language learning lessons with strategic ELL frameworks

Available in English and Spanish.

NEW! IDEAS Student and Family Resource 

Eases anxiety for parents and families: Makes it easy to see the needed actions by students in secondary grades to maximize options after graduation.

Offers extra comfort to first-generation families: Extends the needed knowledge about what is/can be to come in their child's future.

Meets different grades’ needs throughout secondary years, with personalized portfolio entries to track activities, scores, and weigh future options.

Available in English , Spanish, and Haitian-Creole.

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IDEAS  - High School with Digital access of lessons and enhanced features

The IDEAS for College & Career Readiness Plans' High School Version with Digital Access  supports the entire high school journey and offers facilitators, school counselors, and administrators the opportunity to seamlessly share easy-to-implement lessons so that whether through an Advisory, Freshman Orientation,  or relevant content area courses , students are presented  with more opportunities to grow in their awareness, confidence, and personal academic success.  A minimally apportioned curriculum into electives or core, helps maximize  students' successes and postsecondary enrollment.  Minimal prep and  options for depth of projects allows for flexible activation and shared breadth of impact.  College and career readiness for all is the essential objective and with IDEAS,  facilitators  can make the ultimate difference in students' personal and academic successes.

This easy-to-integrate program provides the chance to activate students’ initiative and fulfill their academic and personal goals. They learn what they need to know and do to have more options after high school graduation.

This easy-to-integrate program provides the chance to activate students’ initiative and fulfill their academic and personal goals. They learn what they need to know and do to have more options after high school graduation.
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Students who employ the strategies and steps taught in the IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans program, will have a sure path to graduation and postsecondary career and college options.

  • Practice social-emotional learning strategies through the College and Career Lens
  • Recognize their strengths and challenges, goals, and the resources available to them
  • Document their achievements in their personal student book/journal
  • Proceed on their College and Career Readiness Continuum to achieve their goals​