Vista School Resources, Inc.

IDEAS supports the College and Career Readiness initiatives from middle through high school graduation and beyond. 

Facilitate engagement and initiative towards academic and personal goals through peer-led discussions and interactive, collaborative explorations. Flexible implementation instills the keys to college and career readiness standards.

Vista School Resources, Inc.

IDEAS for College and Career Readiness Plans

Available components:

  • Student Edition Classroom Set of 25:

         School Price: $479 -Includes Teacher Edition (request bulk price for over 100 students) Available in English, Spanish

  • Student and Family Resource (Parent Guides)

         List Price: $14.95 School Price: $9.98. Available in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole

  • IDEAS' Digital version for access to lessons and presentations: School price:$1900 annual subscription

  • Customizable district packages available

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